BTBAM: From Colors to Coma

Between the Buried and Me’s Brand New Album seems a Classic in the Making

“It has begun! #rockopera” was the tweet that heralded Between the Buried and Me’s latest effort getting up off the ground and into the full swing of recording. That was 7 months ago, and now as we head through the middle of April it seems we have just less than 3 months left remaining before we’re able to get our hands on their latest prog-concept album Coma Epileptic.

Recently BTBAM released a teaser in the form of a single from Coma Epileptic by the name of Memory Palace and it indicates strongly the growth that BTBAM are experiencing with each album. Though it maintains the complex rhythms, powerful prog influences and intense energy as earlier releases such as Colors, Memory Palace exhibits a cleaner production technique and a wider expanse of sonic territory.

Colors is a sensational album that has quite rightly climbed to the top of many fans’ lists of the best BTBAM albums. The energy displayed is explosive from the very outset and Tommy Rogers exhibits an impressive variety of vocal styles. Though a great deal of the album consists of his well known growls, there are softer moments where the true tone and the sheer quality of his voice comes to the fore.

The 8 tracks of Colors are somewhat difficult to differentiate from one another leading to it being a truly sonically crushing experience that rarely leaves the listener a moment to catch a breath, it’s punchy and to the point, never leaving the listener a moment to gather any respite. It’s truly an impressive experience. Whether you like the result or not, the musicianship of BTBAM should never be in question, both in their older and brand new offerings they provide crushing and complex harmonies that absolutely never fail to hold the interest of the listener.

A band that constantly defies genre classification, because in the space of one minute of their music you’re likely being exposed to several different influences and styles at once, BTBAM absolutely never bore and their willingness to follow their instincts and to wear their diverse influences on their sleeves have led them to explore increasingly interesting territory with each offering.

Though Colors was an exemplary effort and still remains a dear part of many fans’ hearts, BTBAM are doubtlessly whipping up a great deal of excitement and interest over their new album, and if the primary indicators from their released single Memory Palace are anything to go buy then Coma Epileptic will be a unique and exciting journey.

Memory Palace offers something of a cleaner sound to that which can be found on Colors, it offers an insight into a band who is constantly growing in comfort with themselves and their ideas, a band who is still committed to exploring all new sonic territory. Something that is especially noticeable from Memory Palace is that is truly is a showpiece for the talents of vocalist and keyboardist Tommy Rogers. He is able to explore a great variety of vocal styles, and it’s fair to say that he masters them all extremely well from the dark and guttural growl he is more known for to a soaring and clean lead vocal.

The general sound coming from Memory Palace shows clear influences from the classics of Prog Rock, BTBAM having cited masters King Crimson as influences and the influence is clear in their new offering, and there’s even some clear Pink Floyd inspired moments to enjoy. Though despite this, despite it showing a new sort of sound for them, their undeniable identity is still more than present, this definitely has BTBAM DNA running through it with its frenetic rhythms, explosive energy as well as instant key changes and melody shifts.

It seems too that most of the fan-base is receptive to their new efforts, and though there are several people voicing hopes that BTBAM haven’t completely abandoned their guttural vocals and raw energy for slick production techniques, there is a generally positive consensus.

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It remains to be seen how indicative of the rest of the Coma Epileptic the first sample Memory Palace has actually been, but if the rest of the album sounds this good then it’s going to be an absolute classic, there can be no doubt about it.

A concept album, which the band claims documents the journey of a coma patient through his past lives, Coma Epileptic will be released on July 7th with extensive touring to promote alongside The Atlas Moth. Whether you’re a seasoned BTBAM fan or you’re new to the party, you’re sure to enjoy the intelligent and lushly orchestrated sound on offer.

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